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Albion Online: Game Features Of The MMO

Albion Online is an exciting cross-platform MMO, into which you can play both on a computer with any operating system, and on devices with the Android system. In order to make it easier to play in Albion, you need a game currency - silver Albion Online.

In Albion online, there are wide possibilities for pumping a character - it's a PvP system, PvE and group battles, it's also the extraction of various resources on your own farm and the creation of unique weapons, as well as trade all over the world and in local markets. The game has the opportunity to equip your personal space - choose your house to your liking, especially since there are more than 50 buildings waiting for your decision. To equip the house to your liking is pleasant, especially when you can get bonuses for it.

There are a lot of tasks in Albion Online and, as usually happens in such games, their solution is not always short of time and resources, which in the game are not unlimited due to various limitations provided by the developers. For example, in a location where besides you there are also many other players, you can hardly find the necessary resources. To make your life easier and concentrate on other gaming aspects, you can always buy silver for Albion Online on our service.

Albion Online Game Features

Confrontations between guilds

Dynamic reputation system

Fast travel on PVP zones

Random generation of resources in game locations

Flexible system of changing the abilities of the character

Improving the characteristics of objects, by enchanting them

The creation of powerful equipment from fragments of artifacts;

Presence of the thought over economy and game currencies - silver, gold.

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